Thursday, October 2, 2008

50. Ignorance

i'm in the process of watching (although now i'm just listening to) the vice presidential debate. the topic of gay rights came up. i can't even begin to explain how angry hearing these ignorant fucks talk about this makes me. how fucking stupid can people be?

if you don't like swearing go read someone else's blog....

how people can have a problem with two consenting adults having a loving relationship boggles my mind. i'm literally so angry i can barely form sentences.

people who call homosexuality gross and disgusting are fucking ignorant bastards and in my opinion don't deserve the rights they have. i had a co-worker say to me that he saw to guys kiss on the street and it freaked him out. he was also kinda freaked out by a guy waiting in our lobby who happened to have a pink ipod and be knitting. really? what exactly about any of those behaviors affects your life? i remember hearing al franken say that just because he sees two men holding hands doesn't make him want to turn to his wife after 40 (don't know the exact number) years of marriage and say 'sorry honey - but that looks more fun.' if you are secure in your relationships than seeing someone else's - gay or straight shouldn't fucking affect you. the fact that it disgusts you shows how ignorant you really are.

and most people oppose this on a religious stance. they say it's not what god intended. how in the fuck do they know what god intended. and even if god did intend marriage to be between a man and a woman - religion in this country is supposed to be separate from the government and the last time i checked just saying 'i do' in your church did not mean you were married. marriage is a fucking legal contract - legal. you go to the courthouse to get it. so fucking take god out of it. if you believe in god and believe that marriage is between a man and a woman then fine - but do not ever tell me that god fucking dictates what i have the right to do in my personal life. ever.

hypocrites are what those people are. they go on and on about 'love thy neighbor' and then go protest that their neighbor bill is going to hell because he lives with his partner Sam. fuck that. if all these damned religious people are so up and mighty on the topic of marriage exactly why do they go to such lengths to deny that jesus had any kind of relationship (and god forbid an actual marriage) to mary? aren't those people big on marriage and then lots of babies? but according to them jesus didn't do any of that. perhaps jesus wasn't married - perhaps he was gay.

and then there are the fucks that go on and on and on and fucking on about whether it's something your born with or a choice. WHO THE FUCK CARES. i should be able to decide tomorrow that i'm fucking gay and not have it affect anyone but myself. so you're born with it. so you choose. i could care less. either way you still deserve to share the same legal rights as everyone else.

sorry if this blog isn't completely coherent. like i said i'm just incredibly angry right now. i just do not understand on any level how people who are anti-gay rights and anti-gay period do not see that this is just like racism. segregation. you are segregating a couple from seeing each other in the hospital. from sharing the same rights as other couples. yet most of these people will tell you that racism is wrong and that segregating is wrong but i don't see a difference - do you?

writing this has not calmed me down like i hoped it would. hearing both parties talk about this bullshit makes me not want to vote for either one. how can we tolerate such ignorance to lead our country? how?

why can't someone get up there and point out the fact that all of this is bull. because god forbid you tell the american people they're ignorant. well you know what america - a lot of you fucking are and you need to start looking a little harder at that fucking flag you fly. look a little harder at that constitution. liberty for all. justice for all. freedom from religious persecution. not just for the heterosexual.


Angie said...

You go, girl. Swear away, I don't mind one bit!

Molly said...

I'm glad to see you fired up on an issue that has frustrated me ever since high school when I was with someone I thought I'd spend the rest of my life with and realized we couldn't make it legal.

I know that you don't care about the choice vs. born with issue, but I think it's an important one to some members of the GLBT community. In some ways, it matters because the argument is: Why don't you just choose to be straight then? Why would anyone want to choose to be gay? And of course, those in the GLBT community that want to say it was a choice, it's a point of pride. But yes, in the great scheme of things, it doesn't matter as much as having those equal rights.

This website might be of interest to you:

I think it's sad because when I taught high school I never "came out," and I didn't have to because I had Ryan, and I've never mentioned it on my blog before either because I was afraid of what might happen with my students. I'm very sensitive to people speaking poorly of me no matter why... and that's a terrible thing. I always feel icky when I think of how easy I have it when my life partner ended up being a male. It could have easily gone the other way, and, of course, that's a complicated issue as well: The "B" of the GLBT is often shunned in the community (Why can't you just choose a team?) There's something about the validity, you know.

OK, that's enough non-focusing for one comment. :) Keep swearing, dude--I appreciate your fury at the injustice.